Welcome to the Paalvi Foundation

Today our Society is plagued by a dreaded disease called alcoholism. The problem of alcoholism / substance abuse is unimaginable. Nearly every family in the neighbourhood is affected by this disease. We see ourselves how people suffer , family breaking, divorce taking place along with violence due to alcoholism / drugs. We find youngsters addicted to alcohol and drugs and their families find themselves helpless. Their families and friends want to help the addict and they go from one place to another to find solution to their problem.

This is why Paalvi Foundation was incorporated with a view to help addicts recover from addiction. Our main purpose is to help addicts recover and place them back in Society as responsible, acceptable and productive citizens. We make the families of addicts understand the disease of addiction so that they are better equipped to cope up with the addicts.

We at Paalvi Foundation whose working committee of trustees were themselves addicts are better placed to understand the addicts as they have themselves gone through this phase in their lives. (As it is said , that a blind man’s agony can only be understood by a blind man).