About Us:

de addiction centres-rehabilitation centres-Paalvi Foundation-Milind Diwakar-Paalvi Foundation Secretary

Mr. Milind Diwakar(Chairman)

As a non - profit organization our motto is to reach out to lakhs of suffering addicts and to see that an underprivileged addict also receives treatment.

Our mission is to create awareness among Society about disease called addiction, and its treatment, through street plays, reaching out to villages, group meetings, seminars etc.

We hope that through our Foundation , we can contribute a bit to the Society to the best of our abilities.

Through the spiritual program that we follow we try to mould the addict from an irresponsible and useless citizen to lead a normal and a meaningful life .

We hope to see smiles on the faces of addicts and their families. By achieving this, we would be repaying what we have received.

This is a journey from hell to heaven.