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We at Paalvi Foundation through our residential program comprising among other things treat yoga and meditation along with treatment of cathersis as one of the most important part of our therapy to change an addict’s outlook from negative to positive. We also give individual counseling as part of the treatment. We have a dedicated team of counselors who give a patient hearing to the suffering addicts. We believe that personal touch is of utmost importance in the recovery of addicts.

We have an eminent team of counselors , physchiatrist and doctors to help the addicts to recover. We also give importance to physical fitness.Our family counseling sessions along with monthly meetings help the family and addicts to come together. The near and dear ones of the addict can see the changes that are taking place in the addicts life.

We at Paalvi Foundation try to make the addict a complete man with a changed outlook towards life so that when he is back in Society he is capable of handling the normal pressures faced by any human being.Our after care treatment helps addicts and families to come to the Centre at any time. We have a regular follow up session for recovering addicts.

We strongly believe that an addict can overcome his addiction and can once again be a responsible , acceptable and productive member of the Society.